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Thursday, December 30, 2010

make me remember...

heyyyaaa!! i had such a blast day yesterday with my old classmate in primary school. although not all were commin' but still we had so much fun ! we've been singing or in other words karaoke for almost 3 hours in a row..phew!~ i'm losing my voice now hehe






sape ntah minah nii


okay..that's all for the update..
by the way, Happy Becoming New Year ! hehe

easy A is dayyum cool !

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

take me away

hellllloooo bloggers ! am soooo sorry for the dead blog..yeah i know~ i'm too lazy to update..hell yeah !! am really enjoying my holiday which it's gonna end up soon..i'm going back to johor this sunday..fuckin' lazy to face the new sem, books,assignments..what am i talking about ?? we still in holiday..and why should i care ? haaa..well, i got the result of last sem's not that bad..i thought my result was like 2.++ instea i got sadam(system analysis and design subject was ruined my result..i got C!! fuck yeah..!! i do hate sadam . well well, this holiday i spent most of the time watching tv,online,hang out with friends,take care of mum,get update from the kardashians.haha and i exercise every single day to lose some pounds..but it's really hard for me to take care of diet..i have a huggggeeeeee apetite !! =.=
i just finished watching this movie..hell yeah i love it !! haha

easy A is about a girl who starts a rumor about herself that she had slept with somebody..and got her to turn into a's funny how a virgin girl pretend that she already lost it ? haha it's weird how when a girl lost her virginity everyone's will look like she's a badass ? i guess maybe different people has different opinion..

well i guess that's all now..
till then ,
xoxo, M

Saturday, December 18, 2010

[WGM] We Got Married - YongSeo / Goguma / Sweet Potato Couple (2) - 300t...

sape ade episod 32> ???
imah,husna , suha , zatul tolong la download heee

Thursday, December 16, 2010

teka teki lawak :D

Dalam byk2, Kain apa yang paling berat di dunia?
* = Kain songket cap Gajah Duduk

Soalan matematik, 2 apek tolak 1 nyonya jadi apa?

* = Jatuh la nyonya tu...

Ibunya satu, anaknya beribu, apa dia?
* = Penyapu

Kalau 1 + 1 = 2, jawapan lain dia apa?
* = Jawapan lain salah la...

Ibunya diurut, anaknya dipijak.
* = Tangga

Pokok apa bila manusia nampak dia lari?
* = Pokok nak tumbang la...

Lagu apa yang semua orang di dunia ini boleh menyayikannya?

* = Lagu 'Happy Birthday'

Air apakah yang paling berani sekali?
* = Air terjun
Sungai apa yang paling kurus di dunia?
* = 'Slim River'

Sungai apakah yang tiada air?
* = Sungai di dalam peta

Buah apa bila dia masak dia timbul?
* = Buah Melaka

Kalau semua manusia jadi ikan, ikan jadi apa?
* = Jadi banyak la...

Apakah persamaan antara ikan kod dengan kod gitar?
* = Kedua-duanya boleh digoreng

Ikan apakah yang mempunyai ketiak?

* = Ikan duyung

Ha... cuba teka....
1) Banyak-banyak bas, bas apa yang pandai

2) Banyak-banyak mi, mi apa yang boleh makan ngan ais

3) Kenapa anjing kencing angkat sebelah kaki

4) Apa perbezaan lampu stadium ngan lampu bilik

5) Apa binatang, badan kecik macam semut tapi mata besar "bulb" mentol

6) Mana lagi tua, motorsikal ke kereta?
7) Ahmad bin Abu, kambing bin apa?
8)Bagaimana nak bezakan ikan betina ngan ikan jantan

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


WOHOOO !! hoyeahh !!~~ can you believe that time flies so fast, i'm enjoying my semester break now. Like, Ohmygod. I can’t be any happier than now. But like they said, don’t get too excited and high hoppy. cause shits can appear like the rain anytime, anyhow. Well, I don’t want any results YET. i’m so not ready. some results has been out.. i got A in german and B in management..oh my! well, i guess i tried my best * even though still can play around when my housemates are studying. lol I don’t think i even did well in my finals examination. so thats the thing that i’m quite very aware of, R E S U L T S. hah. FML!

my last paper had on last week on architecture exam was sooooo like sh** !! i havent finish study all the syllabus when i get into the hall. i was like.. just answer it lahhh~ nak habes cepatt!! hee. after that we move on to the other was quite sad coz i left kecik, abang, aminah ,guglibear n princess behind..huu T-T

okaylah..need to exercise..haha i hope i can lose some weights this sem break..plisss.. huhu

to mirul ; we r far far plis stop fighting each other..i'm tired hun.. ily dear

to nalo ; u r d best listener n fren ever ! haha nak gf ? rmai mber mai single taw..pilih je ekekek

till now ..


xoxo, M.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

written in the stars

Why hello there followers. finally, Im squeezing my time just to update. I’ve been really busy. well, back to the sunshine world, Finals ON. I did my (BPK2052) management paper yesterday. while i walked in to the exam hall, everything was kinda blurred. i looked at the first question , i was loike what the hell i was read just know ?!! but after a few minutes, back to normal..maybe i was too actually I’m really not ready for finals. I mean, I’ve been too busy with life,enjoying too much and talking to myself about absolutely nothing. I’ve been staring on the walls trying to find the answer of this question that i’ve been questioning myself ever since the depression started occurring. Enough said.

well, iwant u guys to listen to this song...i've been listening to this song fr almost hundred times...i just keep replaying it HAHA

can't wait fer the final to end ! pray fer meeeee :)))

Till now..

xoxo, M.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Who’s the last person you laid next to?

My cat

When was the last time you laughed really hard?
last morning

Last person you had a phone conversation with?
My sys

Do you like anyone?

What are you most looking forward to at the moment?

Someone tells you that your beautiful, you say?
u such a big liar

Whats your background on your phone?
My cat. Yes, I love my cat, he's my boyfriend and he looks adorable in the photo ;)

Is it possible to be JUST friends with someone you want to be with?

Is love really worth fighting for?
honestly, I don’t believe in love

Where is the person you last kissed at this moment?
at my house. i kissed my dad last evening

Do you wake up cranky?

Sex ruins relationships, right?

Do you love the last boy/girl you were talking to?
There my
best friend

Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?
Hahah no, it was really bad

Did you have a good birthday this year?
Sure, why not

Is there a person that will always have a place in your heart?

Friday, October 29, 2010

i heart tumblr :)

to be honest,
tumblring rather than blogging
i express my feelings ere :)

hey my beloved followers, firends, stalkers , haters, lovers !

lets go all the way back to the topic, I have done ortho on my teeth last evening..u see that? some dawai on my mouth. nak ckap pun pelat, nak mkan apetah lagi susah..but mnde ni bole bukak n then psang balik..sgt2 tak selesa okayy? and for's getting much pain!! sangat2 sakit!! =.= tak boley tido.. :(

well, now 3 weeks of holiday oredi started..supposely i should be go home on today..but got another SADAM (sytem analysis n design) final project presentation to be settle down. so maybe afta presentation on monday i'll head home .oh my! just 3 weeks to go until final exam. when will i will ever be hardworking for once? mai,mai. Tsk Tsk. Shame on you girl. You really should be studying and stop enjoying every weekend.

yeyy!!! tomorrow gonna date with ermirul..hikhik even tho we're in the same uni..but nak jmpe..pnye la susah..msg2 bz with our own commitment. tehee yeyy!! :D

u guys should listen to this!! wink2 ^^

takecare everyone!

till then, M

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why do I love you? Because you’re you. Because I like you more than I like anyone else. Differently than I like anyone else. Because of the way you make me feel. Honestly I don’t really know the answer. But please know that I love you without restriction, trust you without fear, want you without demand, accept you for who you are, and I really thank God that I found you. It’s strange, it’s love.

this is seriously bullshit*

peeps keep lying over n over again..~ durh! =.=

Mizz Nina feat. Noh (Hujan) - Kurnia

current fav song ;p

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Elegant Masquerade

t's been so long not following michelle's vid
love her make up tips..
i'm sure everything has its own beauty but not everyone sees it!
masquerade tutorial ; perfect for this upcoming halloween weee~~

Saturday, October 23, 2010

we gon' light it up like it's dynamite!!

hey my beautiful n handsome followers,friends,stalkers,haters,lovers!!!!
A Big BIG BIIIIG apology to all ! I’ve been super busy lately that im not even inspired to write anything. It’s just crazy, really really cra
zy. Next week got 2 presentations for final project. such a busy week! *understand me people* So well I’m back.

For all ya’ll rockers that went to paramore, MMHMH, rub it all over on my face. My friends can’t stop talking about how awesome it is. Dang, How I wish I was still in UM ..i can go anywhere i loike afta

Is it just me or my blog’s getting really dull &
boring? WELL it is because I’m not inspired enough to write about anything. psch, dont blame me. blame it on the braiiin. You see, My brain is like a broken phone. Sometime, it works, sometimes, we have to hit it thousand times, then it’ll might just work. So yeah, My brain has it own mood too okay. respect yo respect.

So everyone keep asking about me boys, Who Am
I dating now, who’s the guy, dear friends, we just been together for 2 weeks..n lots of things had happened.i tumpah kan air 2 times oredi at mamak u clumsy am i..* sigh! but yet he still loves me hikhik * i gave him my blog's link just now so i'm sure he gonna read this * lol

sooo for my beloved super duper awesome best friend from primary school Hudae Yahya...

A very happy birthday to u syg!!
wishing u all the best in ur life.. !

*whoaa!! craving for this..* huda, blanje laa heee~

till then..
xoxo, M

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

2NE1 Park Bom Look

currently been addicted to 2ne1.. :))
hell yeah...! park bom is so cuteee!
really love her eyes :D
so i searched this tutorial vid for her look
i found lots more videos related to how to make this cat eyes..
enjoy watching it! ^^

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


hello bloggers! i'm so sorry for the dead blog..

i'm not really active blogging in this site anymore. u can see me post so many things in tumblr.

okay back to update part..whewww!~ currently i've been asking lots of questions regarding on my relationship status on fb frens on ym, and inbox in fb keep asking me the same Q.."mai, bile ko kapel?" "mai kapel n dak mane?" "finally u'r taken" i was loikee mlas nye nak jwab..ok he's a boy studying same uni with me.that's all ! :p

Enough with those. So yay, it’s thursday! And tomorrow is Friday then on Saturday got computer architecture test. Yay (:! * hypocrite mode* .byk lagi xbace!!! ...sigh!

oh yeah! alhamdulillah my mom selamat operate her right eye at HTAA kuantan this morning..the operation started at 9.30am n then my dad text me inform that my mom's operation succeed at this she got operation on the left eye..but now it's on the's not about removing cataract or something.. the doctor put a new lens inside her eye so that she can see clearer.alhamdulillah..hope she's getting!! i miss u so muchhhhh!!

I’ll be tumblr-ing reblogging alot nowadays instead of posting look of the day or text post. I’m going to be really busy i mean now pn busy . Finishing my project work and what not. But I promise, I’ll be back with a long update. I love you all!

xoxo, M.

till u followers!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Malique feat Tun Dr.Mahathir-Layu(MUST WATCH!!!)

renungan bersama..i found this on my friend's wall..
trase siot...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

dear bloggers! :D

Hii People, So sorry that I didn’t update anything for almost a month. I was sooo busy with assignments,quiz, tests and stuffs. guess what? i got camping on this friday till sunday. right afta that on monday i got 2 tests ; system analysis n design(SADAM) and graphic programming. i was loikee whyy????????!!! so many things to catch up. but yet, i still play around hang out ..i really need to change! *pissed off. So, it’s 20 syawal 1431 H. maybe it's too late to wish u guys..but nak wish jgak! HAHA

selamat hari raya ! maaf zahir..batin xyah la kan..*xde kaitan lol

. Since time’s not being a bitch today, I’llupdate as much as i could.

So last raya, was awesome !!!! duet raye i got rm 100 only..pity me right?? my dad said " adik da besar nak bagi jugak ke? " but then right afta i kiss his hand dpt jugak duet raye!! yeyyy!! haaha my niece only get rm10 LOL..yeyy!! love u la abah mak!! ;p

my cuti raya for only 2 weeks.. i spend my time most for my family n friends :D ahh, i also learn to cook from mom..well, u know my mom's condition is not really well, so i've to cook for abah n those kitties..when my mom pegi hemodialisis. i head back to btu phat on 19th sept. but before that me, farah, ema n huda ronggeng2 pegi open houses haha. amy's n aliah's open house..rindu sgt lame xjmpe..i think aliah since we finished school we neva meet up again..GOSH!! miss my girlies! rindu FIMS! * oh yea..fims is my batch name..i used to school at skola menengah sains tgku abdullah *ala yang keco ade student mninggal kne hempap tiang gol tu * but mostly org akan kenal our school with that story la hee~ okay..back on track!! afta enjoy eating foods smpai my stomach gain 1 inches * OMG! * then we put our things at huda's room..5th college in UM..waaaa rindu nye balik UM!!! huu at that night my hubby pick us up n bwak pegi mkan2 at pelita restaurant n then treat us karaokeee!! yeyy!! * seriously bie nyanyi pnuh prasaan kott haha's quite pathetic that night..don't wanna talk bout' it tho~ but i just enjoy it with my girls!!then the day after i send fara to her rent house in malacca then i headed to bp.. *ugrhh!! the hell started again~ =.=

It’s so sad and strange looking at others with boyfriend and crushes. maybe i shouldn't have an/any affair/s with someone's husband anymore. and *sigh Hey i want that happy moments too. i mean a real bf!! my friend said " mai,bile nak cari yang betul2 ni?" i was like..dunno la..pfft* Even if its just cliche fling, Or anything. every girl’s need something to fling with. I feel so pathetic saying this, But hey i should go out more and socialize. I’ve been sucha loner nowadays.

to all my handsome n beautiful bloggers! if u have tumblr let me noe.


coz i'm more into tumblr now..dunno why..coz i prefer it coz it's more awesome..n i can express my feelings or anything when i post.. LOL

ok then, gtg u follower!!

xoxo, M

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010

He makes you feel like you’re the only girl in the world.
He tells you all these lies and you fall for it.
After he gets what he wants he leaves. He doesn’t care, he never did.
Now the next guy that comes along who actually does mean everything he says, gets pushed away because she’s scared. Scared of being hurt again.. But he doesn’t care. He keeps trying to win her heart, trying to show her he’s different.
He’s the perfect guy for her but she’s too scared to open herself up again.
See guys? You think that you can break a girls heart and she’ll be fine. It doesn’t work like that. Stop playing girls like they’re just toys, cause they ain’t.

p/s: azhar,it's like.. seriously i can't play with ur game anymore..i'm tired of this :((

Thursday, September 2, 2010

We’re teenagers. We fuck up a lot, we do a lot of crazy shit, we’d rather stay up late at night just to watch TV rather than studying. We like our music loud, we dress up the way we want to, we like going to concerts, we’re clumsy, we eat whatever we want to eat, we fall in love too easily, we often break rules, but that’s the way of life we want to live. To live beyond extraordinary. We want to be forever young.

xoxo, M

Sunday, August 29, 2010

hepi sunday :))

just woke up from sleep at 1.02 pm lol
i've been downloading a few songs from ares..i'd love to check d new songs on billboard chart.
oh yea..currently been addicted to the pretty reckless.
i shared u their link on the previous post below
check it out 4 urself =)
hell yeahh!! i found this video~~
fuck yeah kesha is awesome!!!

Kesha - Take It Off ( Official Music Video )

Saturday, August 28, 2010

hey bloggers!!

"hey wassup?!"

guys, check out this song

fuckyeahawesome! ! 

back on track okay..hurm,we've been fasting for 2 weeks oredi..rse cm baru je lg ehe

yerppp,  Sorry for the kinda-dead-blog and for emo posts Below. It’s pretty pathetic, I know..

well, today i just spend my time at home, hadap lappy, maen kucing, gossips with my girls, watch videos with my housemates, makan,basuh cage 'tuck' ,main kucing, mandi, main mercun.. hurm, nothing much..yea i know such a veryyyyy boring weekend. 

oh ya, almost forgot oredi..introducing my new cuty pet tortoise, mr.Tuck that i bought from bpmall

he's cute isn't he? ;p

yesterday me with husna, suha, ima, n zatul had a blast day. after we finished our class, tension dengan those frickin' quiz, lol we headed to summit. tak de kje..~~ pegi wat rambut n ima kat Shiseido saloon. ..but the result i think lbey kureng same je n dlu..this time i made rebonding kt ats n a bigger curl kt bawah. so xde la nampak mcm antu rambut mengerbang kan? haha but yesterday mmg i'm soooo out of mood!!! that hairdresser put so much mousse on my hair. so nampak mcm poodle dah! i asked her to do a bigger curl kt bwah bukannya nak kembang. haiyoo! die da nampak i wat muke tros die repair balik haha bodoh punye olang! tp lame2 afta basuh much better i guess.  =.=  afta that, we break our fast at mcd. seriously! my diet program  hanco musnahh! REALLY need to back on track..count back calories taken n the exercise that i need to do.

current mood :hurmmmm dunno la..sejak dua menjak tiga menjak ni asyik nak marah je...cepat trase pun ade..asyik rse nak menyampah pn ade..ase nak sepak org pn ade..sensitive la..grr~

durh! why girls mesti ade hormon xtentu ni? hurmm..maybe sbb nak period kot..i just wanna be happy heartfeelin' haha cmne la tu ek hee~

u know wut..i just can't wait wanna back home!! miss my mom.. my nieces..awww! miss their kisses! xoxo

i balik insyaAllah this friday..omagah!! jalan comfirm jam kan. hurm, really miss my angels!rindu nk jmpe farah. huda, ema, misha, sabrina,amy,tirah,fira,dee,amal..urh..nk type sume ke?hee grr!!! miss u girls so muchhh!! *hugs*

ok then, have to do my laundry hiks

next time i'll update more  muahhxx!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Telling the truth and making someone cry
is better than
telling a lie and making someone smile

Thursday, August 12, 2010

helloo bloggers!!!! :D

2nd day puasa..wee~~
my stomach is busy main techtonic.. kih3
now tgh class graphic programming. so boringgggggg.. then i update la blog tehee~
nak show off coding ni lol

salin je coding pastu nanti anta report copy orang laen jgk.hee~

ble la mai nk brubah ni kan
tp labsheet wt sndri k (insyaAllah) kah3

just nak share something la..for a few days this have been distracted my life. @.@
my bff (miss F) is just got dumped by her bf
what can i say is..that guy is J.E.R.K!! really really jerk!!
susah sgt ke nak setia??susah sgt ke nak jujur?? susah sgt ke nk jage ati org yg kite syg???
bile my bff ni da ade guy laen die cbuk nk mntak couple balik
haisyoo!!time bff aku ni gilekan ko, ko layan die mcm sampah kn.
so serves u right la..xkan sume ko nak sapu..
pastu cbok la nak msg aku nk mntak maap la..die xnak ngaku slah lak tu.
konon la girl yg sorang lagi tu die punyer "actress" just nak duga kesetiaan si miss F ni..
common la bhai..xde reason yg lg munasabah ke?? da terang2 kot ko maenkn pmpuan tu~
ko igt ati pmpuan ni ape??!
astaga...naseb bulan pose..aku xleh nk maki hamun~ huhu
kalo dorang ni gado xkacaw idop aku aku yg jadi org tengah..
so aku nasihatkan my bff ni better get over him la..

she deserves better man!!~~
brr...tringat plak a year ago..
i used to be like her . love the wrong man~
it really hurts u know........................................ T-T
but then i become stronger !haha mcm kuat harimau !!
*pffttt aku da start mrepek

tapi kan..kalo kite xjmpe the wrong person..bile kne nak grow up kn..hee~

i learnt from my mistakes~

at least 'die' pernah bahagiakan kite..die pernah jadi tempat kite luahkan prasaan,tmpt share prob, tmpt kite ngade2..manje2 haaha

but then kitorang still fren untill now~ ( positive okayy!!! ) =)

n that girl pn nta idop nta da mampos..oops! ngeh3

i miss the way u hold my hand.. pfft*
dah2..xmo igt da mase lampau.hee~ ok lah..nak smbung wt coding..hihi
i'll update later , M xoxo

p/s: sory kalo entry kali ni agak violence or 18xx LOL ~

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

رمضان المبارك 1431 هجرة

salam ramadhan al-Mubarak!!
selamat menjalani ibadah puasa sumerr :DD
moga bulan yang mulia ni jadi bulan yang bererti buat kite sume..
maw share a lil' bit kelebihan psal bulan ramadhan ini

1) Kamu akan di naungi Ramadhan. (bagi yg telah meninggal duniaterlepasdari siksa kubur)
2) Bulan penuh keberatan
3) Di malamnya ada lebih baik drpd 1000bulan
4) Amal sunat sama dengan solat fardhu
5) Manakala solat fardhu mendpt 70 kaliganda
6) Bulan sabar dan pahalanya adalahsyurga
7) Bulan menambah rezeki
8) Memberi buka banyak pahala
9) Bulan keampunan- doa yang paling makbul iaitu doa sebelum berbuka puasa.- juga doa pada sepertiga malam.
10)10 hari pertama adalah mulanyarahmat,10 hari pertengahan - pengampunan,10 hari terakhir - kemerdekaan api neraka

Monday, August 9, 2010

wink2! (^_*)

What A bitchy photo, I know. 

Oh Hi! I’m sorry for the almost-dead blog. After months of inactivity on my blog, I’m Back! I didn’t go anywhere, I’ve just been doing lttle fiddly stuff that I didn’t think was worth writing about. Life’s been fair enough for me, as usual. But i wish it would be better than ever. I mean, The only thing that i’m complaining and struggling about is my personal privacy shitty thingy. why can’t people just mind their own business and stop stalking and asking stupid questions on formspring? I mean, come on, Nobody’s perfect except for god and prophets. 

. Oh well, I had the greatest week with my fucking lovely housemates zatul,suha,husna n ima unni. Um That’s about it, i guess.  oh ya! i went back to kuantan last friday for celebrating my parents 39th  anniversary..oh my! we had some makan2..totally bloated! i ate a lot weyh! haha hopefully, this upcoming fasting month i can lost some kilos..LOL  i want  body like yubin unni wonder girls :D and...i'm so glad my mom's health condition is getting so much better  alhamdulillah..:)

and happy birthday to my ..10th august..miss him A LOT =(

well, i'm not really sure with my feeling now. he changed so much. he's always been busy with meetings,clients meet up etc. sometimes i just felt neglected. somehow i should understand he has his own family n kids to settle with.. it hurts ........=( hurmmmmmmmm..

i'll update more later ,M *hugs*


1) Di Albania, menggelengkan kepala bermaksud 'ya' dan menggangguk bermaksud tidak.

2)kandungan emas di laut adalah 200 kali ganda lebih banyak berbanding di daratan

3)mengikut kajian saintifik orang yang menggunakan tangan kanan hidup sembilan tahun lebih lama daripada mereka yang kidal (tapi ajal maut di tangan tuhan,ingat2 lah yer)

4)Otot akan masih bergerak atau berdenyut walaupun mayatnya sudah masuk peringkat 'brain death'(oleh itu kepada org2 jaga bilik mayat tue janganlah takut sangat, tapi berwaspadalah.jangan biarkan hidup anda diselebungi MISTERI)

5)Cuba teka tempat apa yang paling sejuk dalam dunia ini?kutub utara?SALAH,kutub selatan?SALAH jugak.jawapanya di Verkovank, Siberia dengan suhu serendah 100 darjah di
bawah paras beku pernah dicatitkan.

6)jangan terkejut jika sebenarnya semut mempunyai otak terbesar diantara semua makhluk (jika dibandingkan dengan nisbah saiz badannya)

7)John Boyd Dunlop,pencipta tayar dunlop sebenarnya adalah seorang pakar bedah veterinar berbangsa Scotland

8)jika anda lahir ketika zaman dimana kamera mula-mula dicipta dahulu,ia memerlukan seseorang beraksi selama lapan jam di depan kamera itu sebelum gambar dapat dirakamkan.(pasal tue takde supermodel zaman dulu-dulu)

9)Manusia akan hidup lima setengah minit lebih lama bagi setiap batang rokok yang TIDAK dihisap. 

10)Sebuah ladang di Byelorussia (Soviet Union) menawarkan bonus sebulan gaji bagi pekerja yang tidak merokok (ha..ingat tue wahai perokok tegar sekalian)

11)zirafah dan tikus boleh hidup lagi lama tanpa air daripada unta.

12)sebenarnya dekelarasi kemerdekaan Amerika ditulis diatas kertas marijuana(maknanya mereka mintak kemerdekaan mereka diatas kertas dadah)

13)seorang lelaki akan hilang 40 helai rambut sehari,perempuan pula 70 helai

14)jangan sekali-kali anda bagi anjing makan cokelat,ia boleh menbunuh anjing tersebut

15)perasankan anda apabila anda hendak save di microsoft office program, ia menunjukkan gambar floopy disk dengan shutternya terbalik??

lawak ngeng

Lawak 1
Majikan : kamu di pecat!
Pekerja : tapi saya tidak melakukan apa-apa!!
Majikan : itu lah sebabnya mengapa kamu di pecat..

Lawak 2
Tuan rumah : adakah kamu telah mencuci ikan ini sebelum kamu mengorengnya.
Pembantu rumah : saya fikir itu tidak perlu apa gunanya mencuci ikan yang memang berada dalam air seumur hidupnya.

Lawak 3
Seorang penumpang kapal terbang bertanya kepada seorang wanita tua disebelahnya.

Penumpang : makcik tahu tak nama lapangan terbang yang kita lepasi tadi?
Makcik : tidak. makcik tak tau. kenapa?
Penumpang : sebab anak makcik turun di situ tadi dan tidak naik semula.

Lawak 4
Guru : louie, jika saya beri awak dua ekor arnab hari ini, dan dua ekor lagi pagi esok berapa ekor arnab yang kamu ada di rumah?
Louie : tujuh
Guru : apa maksud kamu "tujuh"?
Louie : yalah, saya sudah ada tiga ekor arnab di rumah.

Lawak 5
Seorang penerbit filem mahu menerbitkan sebuah filem yang paling canggih dalam dunia, dan dalam filem itu ada adegan pertempuran yang paling hebat pernah diadakan.

Penerbit : saya akan menggunakan dua pasukan tentera setiap satu mempunyai 25 ribu tentera.
Pengarah : kalau 2 pasukan mejadi 50 ribu, bagaimana kita mahu membayar mereka?
Penerbit : inilah yang saya telah rancangkan, kita gunakan peluru hidup!

Lawak 6
Anak ular : ibu, kita nie beracun tak?
Ibu ular : tidak. mengapa tanya?
Anak ular : saya baru saja tergigit lidah saya!

Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna

Just gonna stand there
And watch me burn
But that's alright
Because I like
The way it hurts
Just gonna stand there
And hear me cry
But that's alright
Because I love
The way you lie
I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie

I can't tell you what it really is
I can only tell you what it feels like
And right now there's a steel knife
In my windpipe
I can't breathe
But I still fight
While I can fight
As long as the wrong feels right
It's like I'm in flight
High of a love
Drunk from the hate
It's like I'm huffing paint
And I love it the more that I suffer
I sufficate
And right before im about to drown
She resuscitates me
She fucking hates me
And I love it
Where you going
I'm leaving you
No you ain't
Come back
We're running right back
Here we go again
It's so insane
Cause when it's going good
It's going great
I'm Superman
With the wind in his bag
She's Lois Lane
But when it's bad
It's awful
I feel so ashamed
I snap
Who's that dude
I don't even know his name
I laid hands on her
I'll never stoop so low again
I guess I don't know my own strength

Just gonna stand there
And watch me burn
But that's alright
Because I like
The way it hurts
Just gonna stand there
And hear me cry
But that's alright
Because I love
The way you lie
I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie

You ever love somebody so much
You can barely breathe
When you're with them
You meet
And neither one of you
Even know what hit 'em
Got that warm fuzzy feeling
Yeah them chills
Used to get 'em
Now you're getting fucking sick
Of looking at 'em
You swore you've never hit 'em
Never do nothing to hurt 'em
Now you're in each other's face
Spewing venom
And these words
When you spit 'em
You push
Pull each other's hair
Scratch, claw, bit 'em
Throw 'em down

Pin 'em
So lost in the moments
When you're in 'em
It's the rage that took over
It controls you both
So they say it's best
To go your separate ways
Guess that they don't know ya
Cause today
That was yesterday
Yesterday is over
It's a different day
Sound like broken records
Playin' over
But you promised her
Next time you'll show restraint
You don't get another chance
Life is no Nintendo game
But you lied again
Now you get to watch her leave
Out the window
Guess that's why they call it window pane

Just gonna stand there
And watch me burn
But that's alright
Because I like
The way it hurts
Just gonna stand there
And hear me cry
But that's alright
Because I love
The way you lie
I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie

Now I know we said things
Did things
That we didn't mean
And we fall back
Into the same patterns
Same routine
But your temper's just as bad
As mine is
You're the same as me
But when it comes to love
You're just as blinded
Baby please come back
It wasn't you
Baby it was me
Maybe our relationship
Isn't as crazy as it seems
Maybe that's what happens
When a tornado meets a volcano
All I know is
I love you too much
To walk away though
Come inside
Pick up your bags off the sidewalk
Don't you hear sincerity
In my voice when I talk
Told you this is my fault
Look me in the eyeball
Next time I'm pissed
I'll aim my fist
At the dry wall
Next time
There will be no next time
I apologize
Even though I know it's lies
I'm tired of the games
I just want her back
I know I'm a liar
If she ever tries to fucking leave again
I'mma tie her to the bed
And set the house on fire

Just gonna stand there
And watch me burn
But that's alright
Because I like
The way it hurts
Just gonna stand there
And hear me cry
But that's alright
Because I love
The way you lie
I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie

p/s; middle fingers up to those fucking playboy!!

Monday, July 26, 2010


current mood; yups! i'm tired...last friday drive balik phg..i finished my class at 12..then we go back..packing my things up..then i was headed to malacca..pick up farah..phew!!rindu gile minah ni!!! owh..farah is my beloved bff..sume mende cite kt die aje hahaa die nak ikot balik phg jgk..then smpai2 melaka xreti plak nk ikot tampin coz xpena lalu ikot la highway ayer keroh..exit sg besi..peak time kot..kol 7 baru masok tol gombak.had dinner at genting sempah..dlm kol 9.30 p.m smpai la ruma..then ahad pagi bertolak nak balik phg usual singgah shah alam da....teman farah jmpe bf die.peja..mamat kedoi tu.haha janji farah suke ek..hikhik kotrg g karok 15 lagu pastu da asyraf ajak lepak..ktorg g la bahan 15 lagu lgi..hatoyaiii!! smpai xde suare da ni.huhuhk melalak smpai 7.15pm i think..not really sure..maghrib xbek melalak..kan kan?hehe  then we decide to continue our journey..sampai2 melaka dlm kol 12 call ijat ajak lepak pusing2 mlake..haha cyezly boring gle xde ape..pastu die bawak aku p port mak nyah..hatoyai!!hot seh..ayat ijat " bumper baek punyer"..kak anne..kalah brg make up aku hakhakhak rmai kot mak nyah mintak service..ciap lambai2 ktorg dlm ble nampak aku dlm kte sbb ade pmpuan die xjd..da bpe kali kne ambush tp ade jgk..pelacur mmg da xde..cme tggl saki baki mak nyah ni jela..geli mat aku tgk..euuwww!!!then ktorg pekena shisha smpi kol 3...thnks to daus cousin die banje ek..hhaha smpai umah muntah weh..penat kot* plus sore da xde..n suhu bdn da nek pnas...farah pn bg la panadol 2 bji..naseb bek la pagi td da ley drive balik bp...huhuw balik2 je tros g klas..balik klas plak..berebut sape nk pelok abang dlu..hahah abang??name kucing mai lahhh !! ;p 
ok skg nk smbg wt kje CNI(creative n innovation) sok ade presentation..
selamat beramal!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

stop caring too much..we're still young hunn!

Be confident in who you really are. People are attracted to those who seem confident in themselves. At this age your bodies are growing, they are changed, and you feel like everyone is watching you. They’re not. You may think you’re not as pretty at the girl who come back from summer vacation looking like a woman, or as handsome and cool as the star athlete, but we all grow and change differently. You are right where you are supposed to be! Young and reckless, Just be happy with your life and you can be just as awesome as they are.

 Always be true to who you are At this age it is normal for you to want to find what group you fit in at school, so it’s okay to explore what it is that you like and don’t like. Once you do find “who you are”, remain true to that person.

Be Open minded a lil, Socialize with anyone! don’t judge the way they talk, or what they wear, how rich they are. You won’t know the taste of orange before you eat it. Emm thats kinda lame :/

 Don’t make fun of others you don’t know. After all, you wouldn’t want them to do such things to you, and you never know—they may become your friends.

I’m kinda inspired right now. so bare with all of these.