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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


WOHOOO !! hoyeahh !!~~ can you believe that time flies so fast, i'm enjoying my semester break now. Like, Ohmygod. I can’t be any happier than now. But like they said, don’t get too excited and high hoppy. cause shits can appear like the rain anytime, anyhow. Well, I don’t want any results YET. i’m so not ready. some results has been out.. i got A in german and B in management..oh my! well, i guess i tried my best * even though still can play around when my housemates are studying. lol I don’t think i even did well in my finals examination. so thats the thing that i’m quite very aware of, R E S U L T S. hah. FML!

my last paper had on last week on architecture exam was sooooo like sh** !! i havent finish study all the syllabus when i get into the hall. i was like.. just answer it lahhh~ nak habes cepatt!! hee. after that we move on to the other was quite sad coz i left kecik, abang, aminah ,guglibear n princess behind..huu T-T

okaylah..need to exercise..haha i hope i can lose some weights this sem break..plisss.. huhu

to mirul ; we r far far plis stop fighting each other..i'm tired hun.. ily dear

to nalo ; u r d best listener n fren ever ! haha nak gf ? rmai mber mai single taw..pilih je ekekek

till now ..


xoxo, M.

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