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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

take me away

hellllloooo bloggers ! am soooo sorry for the dead blog..yeah i know~ i'm too lazy to update..hell yeah !! am really enjoying my holiday which it's gonna end up soon..i'm going back to johor this sunday..fuckin' lazy to face the new sem, books,assignments..what am i talking about ?? we still in holiday..and why should i care ? haaa..well, i got the result of last sem's not that bad..i thought my result was like 2.++ instea i got sadam(system analysis and design subject was ruined my result..i got C!! fuck yeah..!! i do hate sadam . well well, this holiday i spent most of the time watching tv,online,hang out with friends,take care of mum,get update from the kardashians.haha and i exercise every single day to lose some pounds..but it's really hard for me to take care of diet..i have a huggggeeeeee apetite !! =.=
i just finished watching this movie..hell yeah i love it !! haha

easy A is about a girl who starts a rumor about herself that she had slept with somebody..and got her to turn into a's funny how a virgin girl pretend that she already lost it ? haha it's weird how when a girl lost her virginity everyone's will look like she's a badass ? i guess maybe different people has different opinion..

well i guess that's all now..
till then ,
xoxo, M

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