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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

dear bloggers! :D

Hii People, So sorry that I didn’t update anything for almost a month. I was sooo busy with assignments,quiz, tests and stuffs. guess what? i got camping on this friday till sunday. right afta that on monday i got 2 tests ; system analysis n design(SADAM) and graphic programming. i was loikee whyy????????!!! so many things to catch up. but yet, i still play around hang out ..i really need to change! *pissed off. So, it’s 20 syawal 1431 H. maybe it's too late to wish u guys..but nak wish jgak! HAHA

selamat hari raya ! maaf zahir..batin xyah la kan..*xde kaitan lol

. Since time’s not being a bitch today, I’llupdate as much as i could.

So last raya, was awesome !!!! duet raye i got rm 100 only..pity me right?? my dad said " adik da besar nak bagi jugak ke? " but then right afta i kiss his hand dpt jugak duet raye!! yeyyy!! haaha my niece only get rm10 LOL..yeyy!! love u la abah mak!! ;p

my cuti raya for only 2 weeks.. i spend my time most for my family n friends :D ahh, i also learn to cook from mom..well, u know my mom's condition is not really well, so i've to cook for abah n those kitties..when my mom pegi hemodialisis. i head back to btu phat on 19th sept. but before that me, farah, ema n huda ronggeng2 pegi open houses haha. amy's n aliah's open house..rindu sgt lame xjmpe..i think aliah since we finished school we neva meet up again..GOSH!! miss my girlies! rindu FIMS! * oh yea..fims is my batch name..i used to school at skola menengah sains tgku abdullah *ala yang keco ade student mninggal kne hempap tiang gol tu * but mostly org akan kenal our school with that story la hee~ okay..back on track!! afta enjoy eating foods smpai my stomach gain 1 inches * OMG! * then we put our things at huda's room..5th college in UM..waaaa rindu nye balik UM!!! huu at that night my hubby pick us up n bwak pegi mkan2 at pelita restaurant n then treat us karaokeee!! yeyy!! * seriously bie nyanyi pnuh prasaan kott haha's quite pathetic that night..don't wanna talk bout' it tho~ but i just enjoy it with my girls!!then the day after i send fara to her rent house in malacca then i headed to bp.. *ugrhh!! the hell started again~ =.=

It’s so sad and strange looking at others with boyfriend and crushes. maybe i shouldn't have an/any affair/s with someone's husband anymore. and *sigh Hey i want that happy moments too. i mean a real bf!! my friend said " mai,bile nak cari yang betul2 ni?" i was like..dunno la..pfft* Even if its just cliche fling, Or anything. every girl’s need something to fling with. I feel so pathetic saying this, But hey i should go out more and socialize. I’ve been sucha loner nowadays.

to all my handsome n beautiful bloggers! if u have tumblr let me noe.


coz i'm more into tumblr now..dunno why..coz i prefer it coz it's more awesome..n i can express my feelings or anything when i post.. LOL

ok then, gtg u follower!!

xoxo, M

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010

He makes you feel like you’re the only girl in the world.
He tells you all these lies and you fall for it.
After he gets what he wants he leaves. He doesn’t care, he never did.
Now the next guy that comes along who actually does mean everything he says, gets pushed away because she’s scared. Scared of being hurt again.. But he doesn’t care. He keeps trying to win her heart, trying to show her he’s different.
He’s the perfect guy for her but she’s too scared to open herself up again.
See guys? You think that you can break a girls heart and she’ll be fine. It doesn’t work like that. Stop playing girls like they’re just toys, cause they ain’t.

p/s: azhar,it's like.. seriously i can't play with ur game anymore..i'm tired of this :((

Thursday, September 2, 2010

We’re teenagers. We fuck up a lot, we do a lot of crazy shit, we’d rather stay up late at night just to watch TV rather than studying. We like our music loud, we dress up the way we want to, we like going to concerts, we’re clumsy, we eat whatever we want to eat, we fall in love too easily, we often break rules, but that’s the way of life we want to live. To live beyond extraordinary. We want to be forever young.

xoxo, M