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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

dear bloggers! :D

Hii People, So sorry that I didn’t update anything for almost a month. I was sooo busy with assignments,quiz, tests and stuffs. guess what? i got camping on this friday till sunday. right afta that on monday i got 2 tests ; system analysis n design(SADAM) and graphic programming. i was loikee whyy????????!!! so many things to catch up. but yet, i still play around hang out ..i really need to change! *pissed off. So, it’s 20 syawal 1431 H. maybe it's too late to wish u guys..but nak wish jgak! HAHA

selamat hari raya ! maaf zahir..batin xyah la kan..*xde kaitan lol

. Since time’s not being a bitch today, I’llupdate as much as i could.

So last raya, was awesome !!!! duet raye i got rm 100 only..pity me right?? my dad said " adik da besar nak bagi jugak ke? " but then right afta i kiss his hand dpt jugak duet raye!! yeyyy!! haaha my niece only get rm10 LOL..yeyy!! love u la abah mak!! ;p

my cuti raya for only 2 weeks.. i spend my time most for my family n friends :D ahh, i also learn to cook from mom..well, u know my mom's condition is not really well, so i've to cook for abah n those kitties..when my mom pegi hemodialisis. i head back to btu phat on 19th sept. but before that me, farah, ema n huda ronggeng2 pegi open houses haha. amy's n aliah's open house..rindu sgt lame xjmpe..i think aliah since we finished school we neva meet up again..GOSH!! miss my girlies! rindu FIMS! * oh yea..fims is my batch name..i used to school at skola menengah sains tgku abdullah *ala yang keco ade student mninggal kne hempap tiang gol tu * but mostly org akan kenal our school with that story la hee~ okay..back on track!! afta enjoy eating foods smpai my stomach gain 1 inches * OMG! * then we put our things at huda's room..5th college in UM..waaaa rindu nye balik UM!!! huu at that night my hubby pick us up n bwak pegi mkan2 at pelita restaurant n then treat us karaokeee!! yeyy!! * seriously bie nyanyi pnuh prasaan kott haha's quite pathetic that night..don't wanna talk bout' it tho~ but i just enjoy it with my girls!!then the day after i send fara to her rent house in malacca then i headed to bp.. *ugrhh!! the hell started again~ =.=

It’s so sad and strange looking at others with boyfriend and crushes. maybe i shouldn't have an/any affair/s with someone's husband anymore. and *sigh Hey i want that happy moments too. i mean a real bf!! my friend said " mai,bile nak cari yang betul2 ni?" i was like..dunno la..pfft* Even if its just cliche fling, Or anything. every girl’s need something to fling with. I feel so pathetic saying this, But hey i should go out more and socialize. I’ve been sucha loner nowadays.

to all my handsome n beautiful bloggers! if u have tumblr let me noe.


coz i'm more into tumblr now..dunno why..coz i prefer it coz it's more awesome..n i can express my feelings or anything when i post.. LOL

ok then, gtg u follower!!

xoxo, M

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