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Thursday, December 30, 2010

make me remember...

heyyyaaa!! i had such a blast day yesterday with my old classmate in primary school. although not all were commin' but still we had so much fun ! we've been singing or in other words karaoke for almost 3 hours in a row..phew!~ i'm losing my voice now hehe






sape ntah minah nii


okay..that's all for the update..
by the way, Happy Becoming New Year ! hehe

easy A is dayyum cool !

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

take me away

hellllloooo bloggers ! am soooo sorry for the dead blog..yeah i know~ i'm too lazy to update..hell yeah !! am really enjoying my holiday which it's gonna end up soon..i'm going back to johor this sunday..fuckin' lazy to face the new sem, books,assignments..what am i talking about ?? we still in holiday..and why should i care ? haaa..well, i got the result of last sem's not that bad..i thought my result was like 2.++ instea i got sadam(system analysis and design subject was ruined my result..i got C!! fuck yeah..!! i do hate sadam . well well, this holiday i spent most of the time watching tv,online,hang out with friends,take care of mum,get update from the kardashians.haha and i exercise every single day to lose some pounds..but it's really hard for me to take care of diet..i have a huggggeeeeee apetite !! =.=
i just finished watching this movie..hell yeah i love it !! haha

easy A is about a girl who starts a rumor about herself that she had slept with somebody..and got her to turn into a's funny how a virgin girl pretend that she already lost it ? haha it's weird how when a girl lost her virginity everyone's will look like she's a badass ? i guess maybe different people has different opinion..

well i guess that's all now..
till then ,
xoxo, M

Saturday, December 18, 2010

[WGM] We Got Married - YongSeo / Goguma / Sweet Potato Couple (2) - 300t...

sape ade episod 32> ???
imah,husna , suha , zatul tolong la download heee

Thursday, December 16, 2010

teka teki lawak :D

Dalam byk2, Kain apa yang paling berat di dunia?
* = Kain songket cap Gajah Duduk

Soalan matematik, 2 apek tolak 1 nyonya jadi apa?

* = Jatuh la nyonya tu...

Ibunya satu, anaknya beribu, apa dia?
* = Penyapu

Kalau 1 + 1 = 2, jawapan lain dia apa?
* = Jawapan lain salah la...

Ibunya diurut, anaknya dipijak.
* = Tangga

Pokok apa bila manusia nampak dia lari?
* = Pokok nak tumbang la...

Lagu apa yang semua orang di dunia ini boleh menyayikannya?

* = Lagu 'Happy Birthday'

Air apakah yang paling berani sekali?
* = Air terjun
Sungai apa yang paling kurus di dunia?
* = 'Slim River'

Sungai apakah yang tiada air?
* = Sungai di dalam peta

Buah apa bila dia masak dia timbul?
* = Buah Melaka

Kalau semua manusia jadi ikan, ikan jadi apa?
* = Jadi banyak la...

Apakah persamaan antara ikan kod dengan kod gitar?
* = Kedua-duanya boleh digoreng

Ikan apakah yang mempunyai ketiak?

* = Ikan duyung

Ha... cuba teka....
1) Banyak-banyak bas, bas apa yang pandai

2) Banyak-banyak mi, mi apa yang boleh makan ngan ais

3) Kenapa anjing kencing angkat sebelah kaki

4) Apa perbezaan lampu stadium ngan lampu bilik

5) Apa binatang, badan kecik macam semut tapi mata besar "bulb" mentol

6) Mana lagi tua, motorsikal ke kereta?
7) Ahmad bin Abu, kambing bin apa?
8)Bagaimana nak bezakan ikan betina ngan ikan jantan

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


WOHOOO !! hoyeahh !!~~ can you believe that time flies so fast, i'm enjoying my semester break now. Like, Ohmygod. I can’t be any happier than now. But like they said, don’t get too excited and high hoppy. cause shits can appear like the rain anytime, anyhow. Well, I don’t want any results YET. i’m so not ready. some results has been out.. i got A in german and B in management..oh my! well, i guess i tried my best * even though still can play around when my housemates are studying. lol I don’t think i even did well in my finals examination. so thats the thing that i’m quite very aware of, R E S U L T S. hah. FML!

my last paper had on last week on architecture exam was sooooo like sh** !! i havent finish study all the syllabus when i get into the hall. i was like.. just answer it lahhh~ nak habes cepatt!! hee. after that we move on to the other was quite sad coz i left kecik, abang, aminah ,guglibear n princess behind..huu T-T

okaylah..need to exercise..haha i hope i can lose some weights this sem break..plisss.. huhu

to mirul ; we r far far plis stop fighting each other..i'm tired hun.. ily dear

to nalo ; u r d best listener n fren ever ! haha nak gf ? rmai mber mai single taw..pilih je ekekek

till now ..


xoxo, M.