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Friday, October 29, 2010

i heart tumblr :)

to be honest,
tumblring rather than blogging
i express my feelings ere :)

hey my beloved followers, firends, stalkers , haters, lovers !

lets go all the way back to the topic, I have done ortho on my teeth last evening..u see that? some dawai on my mouth. nak ckap pun pelat, nak mkan apetah lagi susah..but mnde ni bole bukak n then psang balik..sgt2 tak selesa okayy? and for's getting much pain!! sangat2 sakit!! =.= tak boley tido.. :(

well, now 3 weeks of holiday oredi started..supposely i should be go home on today..but got another SADAM (sytem analysis n design) final project presentation to be settle down. so maybe afta presentation on monday i'll head home .oh my! just 3 weeks to go until final exam. when will i will ever be hardworking for once? mai,mai. Tsk Tsk. Shame on you girl. You really should be studying and stop enjoying every weekend.

yeyy!!! tomorrow gonna date with ermirul..hikhik even tho we're in the same uni..but nak jmpe..pnye la susah..msg2 bz with our own commitment. tehee yeyy!! :D

u guys should listen to this!! wink2 ^^

takecare everyone!

till then, M

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why do I love you? Because you’re you. Because I like you more than I like anyone else. Differently than I like anyone else. Because of the way you make me feel. Honestly I don’t really know the answer. But please know that I love you without restriction, trust you without fear, want you without demand, accept you for who you are, and I really thank God that I found you. It’s strange, it’s love.

this is seriously bullshit*

peeps keep lying over n over again..~ durh! =.=

Mizz Nina feat. Noh (Hujan) - Kurnia

current fav song ;p

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Elegant Masquerade

t's been so long not following michelle's vid
love her make up tips..
i'm sure everything has its own beauty but not everyone sees it!
masquerade tutorial ; perfect for this upcoming halloween weee~~

Saturday, October 23, 2010

we gon' light it up like it's dynamite!!

hey my beautiful n handsome followers,friends,stalkers,haters,lovers!!!!
A Big BIG BIIIIG apology to all ! I’ve been super busy lately that im not even inspired to write anything. It’s just crazy, really really cra
zy. Next week got 2 presentations for final project. such a busy week! *understand me people* So well I’m back.

For all ya’ll rockers that went to paramore, MMHMH, rub it all over on my face. My friends can’t stop talking about how awesome it is. Dang, How I wish I was still in UM ..i can go anywhere i loike afta

Is it just me or my blog’s getting really dull &
boring? WELL it is because I’m not inspired enough to write about anything. psch, dont blame me. blame it on the braiiin. You see, My brain is like a broken phone. Sometime, it works, sometimes, we have to hit it thousand times, then it’ll might just work. So yeah, My brain has it own mood too okay. respect yo respect.

So everyone keep asking about me boys, Who Am
I dating now, who’s the guy, dear friends, we just been together for 2 weeks..n lots of things had happened.i tumpah kan air 2 times oredi at mamak u clumsy am i..* sigh! but yet he still loves me hikhik * i gave him my blog's link just now so i'm sure he gonna read this * lol

sooo for my beloved super duper awesome best friend from primary school Hudae Yahya...

A very happy birthday to u syg!!
wishing u all the best in ur life.. !

*whoaa!! craving for this..* huda, blanje laa heee~

till then..
xoxo, M

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

2NE1 Park Bom Look

currently been addicted to 2ne1.. :))
hell yeah...! park bom is so cuteee!
really love her eyes :D
so i searched this tutorial vid for her look
i found lots more videos related to how to make this cat eyes..
enjoy watching it! ^^

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


hello bloggers! i'm so sorry for the dead blog..

i'm not really active blogging in this site anymore. u can see me post so many things in tumblr.

okay back to update part..whewww!~ currently i've been asking lots of questions regarding on my relationship status on fb frens on ym, and inbox in fb keep asking me the same Q.."mai, bile ko kapel?" "mai kapel n dak mane?" "finally u'r taken" i was loikee mlas nye nak jwab..ok he's a boy studying same uni with me.that's all ! :p

Enough with those. So yay, it’s thursday! And tomorrow is Friday then on Saturday got computer architecture test. Yay (:! * hypocrite mode* .byk lagi xbace!!! ...sigh!

oh yeah! alhamdulillah my mom selamat operate her right eye at HTAA kuantan this morning..the operation started at 9.30am n then my dad text me inform that my mom's operation succeed at this she got operation on the left eye..but now it's on the's not about removing cataract or something.. the doctor put a new lens inside her eye so that she can see clearer.alhamdulillah..hope she's getting!! i miss u so muchhhhh!!

I’ll be tumblr-ing reblogging alot nowadays instead of posting look of the day or text post. I’m going to be really busy i mean now pn busy . Finishing my project work and what not. But I promise, I’ll be back with a long update. I love you all!

xoxo, M.

till u followers!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Malique feat Tun Dr.Mahathir-Layu(MUST WATCH!!!)

renungan bersama..i found this on my friend's wall..
trase siot...