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Friday, October 29, 2010

hey my beloved followers, firends, stalkers , haters, lovers !

lets go all the way back to the topic, I have done ortho on my teeth last evening..u see that? some dawai on my mouth. nak ckap pun pelat, nak mkan apetah lagi susah..but mnde ni bole bukak n then psang balik..sgt2 tak selesa okayy? and for's getting much pain!! sangat2 sakit!! =.= tak boley tido.. :(

well, now 3 weeks of holiday oredi started..supposely i should be go home on today..but got another SADAM (sytem analysis n design) final project presentation to be settle down. so maybe afta presentation on monday i'll head home .oh my! just 3 weeks to go until final exam. when will i will ever be hardworking for once? mai,mai. Tsk Tsk. Shame on you girl. You really should be studying and stop enjoying every weekend.

yeyy!!! tomorrow gonna date with ermirul..hikhik even tho we're in the same uni..but nak jmpe..pnye la susah..msg2 bz with our own commitment. tehee yeyy!! :D

u guys should listen to this!! wink2 ^^

takecare everyone!

till then, M


  1. mai c gigi besi..^.^
    nt aku taruk eh cayang :p

  2. apsal uat Ortho?bukan gg mai ok je ke?