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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

written in the stars

Why hello there followers. finally, Im squeezing my time just to update. I’ve been really busy. well, back to the sunshine world, Finals ON. I did my (BPK2052) management paper yesterday. while i walked in to the exam hall, everything was kinda blurred. i looked at the first question , i was loike what the hell i was read just know ?!! but after a few minutes, back to normal..maybe i was too actually I’m really not ready for finals. I mean, I’ve been too busy with life,enjoying too much and talking to myself about absolutely nothing. I’ve been staring on the walls trying to find the answer of this question that i’ve been questioning myself ever since the depression started occurring. Enough said.

well, iwant u guys to listen to this song...i've been listening to this song fr almost hundred times...i just keep replaying it HAHA

can't wait fer the final to end ! pray fer meeeee :)))

Till now..

xoxo, M.