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Saturday, August 28, 2010

hey bloggers!!

"hey wassup?!"

guys, check out this song

fuckyeahawesome! ! 

back on track okay..hurm,we've been fasting for 2 weeks oredi..rse cm baru je lg ehe

yerppp,  Sorry for the kinda-dead-blog and for emo posts Below. It’s pretty pathetic, I know..

well, today i just spend my time at home, hadap lappy, maen kucing, gossips with my girls, watch videos with my housemates, makan,basuh cage 'tuck' ,main kucing, mandi, main mercun.. hurm, nothing much..yea i know such a veryyyyy boring weekend. 

oh ya, almost forgot oredi..introducing my new cuty pet tortoise, mr.Tuck that i bought from bpmall

he's cute isn't he? ;p

yesterday me with husna, suha, ima, n zatul had a blast day. after we finished our class, tension dengan those frickin' quiz, lol we headed to summit. tak de kje..~~ pegi wat rambut n ima kat Shiseido saloon. ..but the result i think lbey kureng same je n dlu..this time i made rebonding kt ats n a bigger curl kt bawah. so xde la nampak mcm antu rambut mengerbang kan? haha but yesterday mmg i'm soooo out of mood!!! that hairdresser put so much mousse on my hair. so nampak mcm poodle dah! i asked her to do a bigger curl kt bwah bukannya nak kembang. haiyoo! die da nampak i wat muke tros die repair balik haha bodoh punye olang! tp lame2 afta basuh much better i guess.  =.=  afta that, we break our fast at mcd. seriously! my diet program  hanco musnahh! REALLY need to back on track..count back calories taken n the exercise that i need to do.

current mood :hurmmmm dunno la..sejak dua menjak tiga menjak ni asyik nak marah je...cepat trase pun ade..asyik rse nak menyampah pn ade..ase nak sepak org pn ade..sensitive la..grr~

durh! why girls mesti ade hormon xtentu ni? hurmm..maybe sbb nak period kot..i just wanna be happy heartfeelin' haha cmne la tu ek hee~

u know wut..i just can't wait wanna back home!! miss my mom.. my nieces..awww! miss their kisses! xoxo

i balik insyaAllah this friday..omagah!! jalan comfirm jam kan. hurm, really miss my angels!rindu nk jmpe farah. huda, ema, misha, sabrina,amy,tirah,fira,dee,amal..urh..nk type sume ke?hee grr!!! miss u girls so muchhh!! *hugs*

ok then, have to do my laundry hiks

next time i'll update more  muahhxx!

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