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Friday, November 18, 2011

Randoms November

Assalamualaikum & hello everyone ! How's life been treating you guys ? Hope everything's alright. Well, it's been so long I didn't feel like write in this blog. Well, now I'm having such a tough semester which is I need to complete PSM a.k.a Projek Sarjana Muda or else been known aas FYP *if you know what I mean. So many things to do, go here and there, dramas everywhere. Now I know what it feels like as a final year student ..

It's Saturday and I'm refraining myself from posting up things that are heavily worded cause I know that most people don't read blogs on a Saturday anyway so I won't even bother.
I'm just gonna update with random photos taken with my phone! These are just SOME of the photos I took and uploaded on my twitter updates. You can follow my twitter here @maisarahnordin =)

1. I don't really remember the name of that place. But I ate these tons of meat in JUSCO Melaka. Like the Sizzle sizzle ~

2. As you guys know, I am a big fan of SNSD . They're the prettiest and most talented girl group I've ever known HAHA.

3. I went to Port Dickson last week. We get the premier suite apartment Costa Rica for Rm200 only !! It's because the hotel is under maintenance. But I had a great time there.

4. Chocolate can give orgasm to your mouth. Enuff said.

5. This is my super naughty boyfriend. He loves to stare at girls in towel. Beware to the girls out there ! I love to bully him. But I still love u Abang !

6. She's my everything. Auni Batrisya. My adorable niece.

7. Housemates

8. Mak iti .. Do you guys know how much I love my friends?

9. Meet cik Siti. I met her at the entrance of Safari A'famosa Melaka. I fed her some foods but a giant elephant stole it. poor her. She's so cute though !

10. I just don't know why sometimes my hair look okay and sometimes it looks like tarzan . But still I'm loving my black and not so long hair :)

11. HAHAHAHAH ! I'm laughing my ass off ! I love this guy in this picture but this pose looks like a rempit guy.. but whatever, I love this guy so much. Muhammad Azlan..

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