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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hi readers, I’m currently in Pahang! Short semester already over and i need a long rest now. Semester break will be in 2 months and i already feel bored at home. Wake up in the morning after Subuh, went for jogging, watch tv, texting, eat eat and eat. urghh!! hopefully i can lose some weights this sem break. hek*

So, Jerantut has been really lovely. Its so tempting seeing old friends (well, some) Some of them are just good at making silly plans but never turn up. I’m sick of these kind of people. If you can’t or don’t want to go out, just go on and speak out, I’m not going to kill you and eat your brains or anything. I’m nice :3

hey, btw I’m officially twenty-one now! I know, nothing is special about that. Still illegal. Stillnaive. :p I’m so blessed with all the phone calls i’ve received. Thanks guys! but still, why those stupid bersih choose 9th july for them to make mess ion this country? haiyoo~~ suppose to be 9th july is a bless date everyone should remember. haha

well, that's all for sooo lazy in writing..this blog is almost dead. check out my tumblr ok ?

till now..



  1. it's kinda hard when people will remind your birthday as 'the day that people riot on the streets'..

  2. hahah that's why la..haishh~~