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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Watching the last episode of Boys Over Flowers ^__^

Boys Over Flowers fans I think you remember this scene:

So in this episode, Jun Pyo already lost his memory, and he hates Jan Di and can’t even remember her at all. He only likes this other girl (Yumi) he met at the hospital, while he was recovering. And Jan Di is really sad and depressed that GJP can’t remember. It’s so sad. They can’t start over again! But I just finished the part right now where Jan Di met GJP at the swimming pool and she told him all the things he liked and what he enjoyed doing (hobbies) and he got creeped out. THEN (OMG), she took a few steps back and fell into the pool(on purpose) to where she threw away the necklace he gave her into the pool (before he lost his memory/when he loved her a lot) and she kinda did suicide so that he could save her from drowning. IT WAS SO CUTE! Everybody at the party came to the pool while GJP was just standing there and he finallyGOT HIS MEMORY BACK!!!! So he dived into the pool and saved her and called her name ^__^ This scene was meant to refer back to the beginning of the drama of when GJP fell into the pool and this time JAN DI HAD TO SAVE HIM. I started crying so hard in this scene. HAHA Yumi ran out all mad >:) HAPPY ENDING FOR ME!!

What I looked like while watching this scene (literally haha)



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