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Monday, January 24, 2011


*abang & tuck say helloo ! :D

well hello my dearest readers !! i’d say i had the most longest, worthest, awesomest weekends ever. there are fights, romance, laugh,cry and what so ever.. i had a fight with mirul these few days. a BIG fight !! the words aren't suppose to be said had thrown out from our mouth LOL..but everything turned alright yesterday. 100% mirul belanja...!! yayyy~ haha well, i believe that in a relationship we must trust and have a faith to other.

couple ring mirul blanje :P

poyo je *nyampah hiks

as if u can see my status on fb, i cut my hair and dyed it black. ugly isn't it? thanks :) * sesal kemudian tiada gunanya. sumpah nyesalllll!! :'(

*muke mintak penyepak

*gune jari je

Annddddd say goooodbye to the weekends and hello
to the weekdays. And hello to lectures, lecturers, assignments. Hehe.. It’s alright, CNY’s holidays coming up. i can't wait to go home ;(

WOOPS. and there goes the ringbell* I need to finish up my assignments. will update more soon. stay tuned.

till now..

xoxo, M.

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  1. wah..dapat ring tuh..hehe..

    kalau rajin jom